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My research interests are in lipid membrane structure, thermodynamics and fluctuations. Our Biophysics laboratory explores the structure of biomimetic membranes containing phospholipids, peptides and cholesterol mixtures using oriented samples on substrates and unoriented multilamellar or large unilamellar vesicles.  We use X-ray diffraction with a Rigaku rotating anode and CCD detector here at CMU, and synchrotron radiation at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source to obtain diffuse scattering data that yields not only structure but also elastic parameters. Our recent experiments also use neutron scattering.  Another technique is differential scanning calorimetry to measure specific heat changes during phase transitions of aqueous dispersions of phospholipids in the form of MLVs. The fourth technique which yields structural information about the lipid volume as a function of temperature is neutral flotation using D2O-H2O mixtures and our DMA5000M vibrating tube densimeter. In addition, we use circular dichroism (CD) to determine the secondary structure of peptides as they interact with lipid membranes.  The current focus is on the interaction of antimicrobial peptides with lipid model membranes.

 Recent Publications:

1.      Mitra, S., Coopershlyak, M., Li, Y., Chandersekhar, B., Koenig, R., Chen, M.-T., Evans, B., Heinrich, F., Deslouches, B., Tristram-Nagle, S. 2023.  Novel Helical Trp- and Arg-Rich Antimicrobial Peptides Locate Near Membrane Surfaces and Rigidify Lipid Model Membranes.  Advanced Nanobiomed Research 3:2300013 (PDF). SI (PDF)

2.      Jakkampudi, T., Lin, Q., Mitra, S., Vijai, A., Qin, W., Kang, A., Chen, J., Ryan, E., Wang, R., Gong, Y., Heinrich, F., Song, J., Di, Y.-P., Tristram-Nagle, S. 2023.  Lung SPLUNC1 Peptide Derivatives in the Lipid Membrane Headgroup Kill Gram-Negative Planktonic and Biofilm Bacteria.  Biomacromolecules 24:2904-2815 (PDF). SI (PDF)


3.      Kawakami, M., Sharma, D., Varni, A.J., Tristram-Nagle, S., Yaron, S., Kowalewski, T., Noonan, K.J.T. 2023. Design, Synthesis and Aromaticity of an Alternating Cyclo[4]Thiophene[4]Furan.  Chemistry – A European Journal e202300477 (PDF). SI (PDF)


4.      Shafieenezhad, A., Mitra, S., Wassall, S.R., Tristram-Nagle, S., Nagle, J.F., Petrache, H.I. 2023. Location of Dopamine in Lipid Bilayers and Its Relevance to Neuromodulator Function.  Biophysical Journal 122:1118-1129 (PDF). SI (PDF)


5.      Nagle, J.F., Jennings, N., Qin, W., Yan, D., Tristram-Nagle, S., Heinrich, F. 2023. Structure of the Gel Phase of diC22:1PC Lipid Bilayers Determined by X-ray Diffraction.  Biophysical Journal 122:1033-1042 (PDF). SI (PDF)

6.      Xiang, W., Clemenza, P., Klousnitzer, J., Chen, J., Qin, W., Tristram-Nagle, S., Doi, Y., Di, Y.P., Deslouches, B. 2022.  Rational Framework for the Design of Trp- and Arg-Rich Peptide Antibiotics Against Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria.  Frontiers in Microbiology 13 :889791(1-16) (PDF). SI (zip)

7.      Allsopp, R., Pavlova, A., Cline, T., Salyapongse, A.M., Gillilan, R.E., Di, Y.P., Deslouches, B., Klauda, J.B., Gumbart, J.C., Tristram-Nagle, S.  2022. Antimicrobial Peptide Mechanism Studied by Scattering-Guided Molecular Dynamics Simulation. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 126:6922-6935 (PDF).  SI (PDF)

8.      Nagle, J.F., Evans, E.A., Bassereau, P., Baumgart, T., Tristram-Nagle, S.,  Dimova, R. 2021.   A Needless But Interesting Controversy. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 118:e2025011118 (Letter) (PDF).

9.      Varni, A.J., Kawakami, J., Tristram-Nagle, S., Yaron, D., Kowalewski, T., Noonan, K.J.T. 2021.  Design, Synthesis, and Properties of a Six-Membered Oligofuran Macrocycle. Organic Chemistry Frontiers 8:1775-1782 (PDF). SI (PDF)

10.      Loney, R.W., Brandner, B., Dagan, M.P., Smith, P.N., Roche, M., Fritz, J.R., Hall, S.B., Tristram-Nagle, S.  2021.  Changes in Membrane Elasticity Caused by the Hydrophobic Surfactant Proteins Correlate Poorly with Adsorption of Lipid Vesicles. Soft Matter 17:3358-3366 (PDF).

11.      Fritz, J.R., Loney, R.W., Hall, S.B., Tristram-Nagle, S.  2021.  Suppression of La /Lb Phase Coexistence in the Lipids of Pulmonary Surfactant. Biophysical Journal 120:243-253 (PDF).

12.      Loney, R.W., Panzuela, S., Chen, J., Yang, Z., Fritz, J.R., Dell, Z., Corradi, V., Kumar, K., Tieleman, D.P., Hall, S.B., Tristram-Nagle, S.  2020.  Location of the Hydrophobic Surfactant Proteins, SP-B and SP-C in Fluid-Phase Bilayers. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 124:6763-6774 (PDF). SI (PDF)

13.      West, A., Zoni, V., Teague, W.E., Leonard, A.N., Vanni, S., Gawrisch, K.,   Tristram-Nagle, S., Sachs, J.N., Klauda, J.B.  2020.  How Do Ethanolamine Plasmalogens Contribute to Order and Structure of Neurological Membranes? The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 124:828-839 (PDF) SI (PDF).

14.      Heinrich, F., Salyapongse, A., Kumagai, A., Dupuy, F.G., Shukla, K., Penk, A., Huster, D., Ernst, R.K., Pavlova, A., Gumbart, J.C., Deslouches, B., Di, Y.P., Tristram-Nagle, S.  2020.  Synergistic Biophysical Techniques Reveal Structural Mechanisms of Engineered Cationic Antimicrobial Peptides in Lipid Model Membranes. Chemistry – A European Journal 26:6247-6256. (PDF) SI (PDF).

15.      Seper, B.C., Ko, A., Abma, A., Folkerts, A.D., Tristram-Nagle, S., Harper, P.E.  2020.  Methylene Volumes in Monoglyceride Bilayers Are Larger Than in Liquid Alkanes. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 226:104833(1-8) (PDF)

16.      Nagle, J.F., Venable, R.M., Maroclo-Kemmerling, E., Tristram-Nagle, S., Harper, P.E., Pastor, R.W.  2019.  Revisiting Volumes of Lipid Components in Bilayers.  The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123:2697-2709. (PDF) SM (PDF)

17.      Nagle, J.F., Cognet, P., Dupuy, F.G., Tristram-Nagle, S. 2019.  Structure of Gel Phase DPPC Determined by X-ray Diffraction.  Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 218:168-177.  (PDF)

18.      Kumagai, A., Dupuy, F.G., Arsov, Z., Elhady, Y., Moody, D., Ernst, R.K., Deslouches, B., Montelaro, R.C., Di, Y.P., Tristram-Nagle, S. 2019.  Elastic Behavior of Model Membranes with Antimicrobial Peptides Depends on Lipid Specificity and D-Enantiomers.  Soft Matter 15:1860-1868.  (PDF)

19.      Peralta, M. F., Smith, H., Moody, D., Tristram-Nagle, S. 2018.  Effect of Anti-Leishmania Drugs on the Structural and Elastic Properties of Ultradeformable Lipid Membranes.  Journal of Physical Chemistry B 122:7332-7339.  (PDF)

20.      Arsov, Z., González-Ramírez, E.J., Gońi, F.M., Tristram-Nagle, S., Nagle, J.F. 2018.  Phase Behavior of Palmitoyl and Egg Sphingomyelin.  Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 213:102-110.  (PDF) SM (PDF).

21.      Dupuy, F.G., Pagano, I., Andenoro, K., Peralta, M.F., Elhady, Y., Heinrich, F., Tristram-Nagle, S. 2018.  Selective Interaction of Colistin with Lipid Model Membranes.  Biophysical Journal 114:919-928.  (PDF) SM (PDF).

22.      Tristram-Nagle, S. 2018.  Physics of HIV.  Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 51:183001(1-18).  (PDF) SM (PDF).

23.      Skandani, A., Clement, J.A., Tristram-Nagle, S., Shankar, M.R. 2017. Aliphatic Flexible Spacer Length Controls Photomechanical Response in Compact, Ordered Liquid Crystalline Polymer Networks.   Polymer 133:30-39. (PDF) SM (PDF) 

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25.     Stetten, A.Z., Moraca, G., Corcoran, T.E.,  Tristram-Nagle, S., Garoff, S., Przybycien, T.M., Tilton, R.D.  2016. Enabling Marangoni Flow at Air-Liquid Interfaces Through Deposition of Aerosolized Lipid Dispersions.  Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 484:270-278. (PDF) SM (PDF) Movie (mp4)

26.      Nagle, J.F., M.S. Jablin, Tristram-Nagle, S. 2016. Sugar Does Not Affect the Bending and Tilt Moduli of Simple Lipid Bilayers.  Chem. Phys. Lipids 196:76-80. (PDF) SM (PDF)

27.      Nagle, J.F., Akabori,  K., Treece, W., Tristram-Nagle, S. 2016. Determination of Mosaicity in Oriented Stacks of Lipid Bilayers.  Soft Matter 12:1884-1891. (PDF) SM (PDF)

28.    Tristram-Nagle, S. 2015.  Use of  X-Ray and Neutron Scattering Methods with Volume Measurements to Determine Lipid Bilayer Structure and Number of Water Molecules/Lipid. In Membrane Hydration, The Role of Water in the Structure and Function of Biological Membranes, Subcellular Biochemistry Vol. 71. Ed. E. Anibal Disalvo, Springer International Publishing AG, Switzerland. (PDF)

29.    Neale, C., Huang, K., Garcia, A.E.,  Tristram-Nagle, S. 2015.  Penetration of HIV-1 Tat47-57 into PC/PE Bilayers Assessed by MD Simulation and X-ray Scattering.  Membranes 5:473-494. (PDF) Supplementary Materials (PDF)  MovieSM1 (mp4)  MovieSM2 (mp4)

30.      Reese, C.W., Strango, Z.I., Dell, Z.R., Tristram-Nagle, S. , Harper, P.E. 2015.  Structural Insights into the Cubic-Hexagonal Phase Transition Kinetics of Monolein Modulated by Sucrose Solutions.  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17:9194-9204. (PDF)

31.      Ma, Y., Ghosh, S.K., Bera, S., Jiang, Z., Tristram-Nagle, S., Lurio, L.B., Sinha, S.K. 2015.  Accurate Calibration and Control of Relative Humidity Close to 100% by X-Raying a DOPC Multilayer.  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17:3570-3576. (PDF)

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Older papers are here      Complete Publications are listed in a docx file.